Product Notice

As part of our on-going product improvement and quality assurance programs, we’ve identified a small percentage of our black car seat covers which have less than satisfactory performance when washed. Some of these covers will shed velour, leaving the cover looking very worn. There is absolutely no safety implication, but we feel this quality is nowhere near our normal high standards. The issue is limited to black velour material only, on a small number of seats produced after March 2014.

We have identified the material that was faulty, and have immediately addressed the problem at the production level. For people who find they have one of the affected covers, we would ask that you fill out a warranty claim form (include a photo of the damaged cover), and we will send you a brand new full cover and insert set.

A sample of the affected velour, after washing.

A sample of the affected velour, after washing.

We deeply apologise for the inconvenience to our loyal customers, and can assure you that the utmost is being done to rectify the situation for you.

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  1. fiona pardy says

    I washed my car seat covers yesterday and the velour started to come off and the stitching is comming undone

    • Tom Hubbard says

      Hey Fiona! We’re sorry to hear that you have one of the affected covers. If you could fill out a claim form, we’ll be able to arrange a replacement for you!