Rearward Facing Requirements vs Recommendations

Babies and smaller children are safest travelling rearward facing.

The Law says you must have your baby rearward facing until they are 6 months old. This requirement should be viewed as the bare minimum. Many children will not be big enough to face forward at 6 months, and are safer remaining in a rearward facing position.

Paediatricians, industry experts and car seat manufacturers all agree that children should remain rearward facing for as long as their car seat allows, regardless of age.

Grandeur Treo Grey Rearward Facing

Rearward facing at 2.5 years old.

You can tell when your child is ready to face forward when their shoulder reaches the shoulder height marker label, sewn into the car seat cover.

There are many seats in Australia that now allow for longer rearward facing time, including our new Kompressor 4, Quattro and Grandeur car seats.



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