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The following guides are designed to help you better understand some of the more technical aspects of child restraints in Australia. These will be updated from time to time as needed, so check back occasionally to ensure you've got the up-to-date information.

The Australian Standard Explained

The Child Restraint Evaluation Program Explained

The Road Rules for each State and Territory

A Guide to Child Restraint Types

Why We Don't Recommend Child Accessory Harnesses


Blog Posts and Articles

In addition to these pages, we also often post articles related to more day to day issues that parents face, these include;

Nodding Off: Falling Forward in The Car

In this post we discuss children falling forward when they sleep in their child restraints, and what the safety implications are.

(Not Quite) Movin' on Up

In this post we discuss the ins and outs of moving your child up to the next category of child restraint, and how doing so prematurely can put your child at risk.

Winter is Coming - Staying Safe (& Warm)!

We take a look at how to best keep your child warm in the car, without compromising on their safety. 

A Healthy Harness Saves Lives

A look at the 5 most common kinds of in-built harness misuse, and how to avoid them.

Third Party Carseat Covers

The reasons we strongly recommend you do not use third party / home made carseat covers.

The Magic Number: Three Across

Seven tips to help you get three seats across the back seat.

Measuring Seated Shoulder Height

How to measure your child's seated shoulder height, and why it's a good thing to know.

Harness Buckle Care

We're contacted about 'faulty' buckles quite often - in this post we look at how to clean and care for your harness buckle.

Age Rage!

Why age isn't the best way to determine the suitability of a restraint.

Keep It Cool!

Summer car travel can be a challenge, but we've got 9 tips to help you keep your cool!

What the Slot?!

A run-down on how to select the correct shoulder slot in rearward and forward facing restraints.

A Tale of Two Shoulder Heights

A 3 year old and a 6 year old with the same seated shoulder height?! Further proof that Age ain't all that.


If you have an idea or suggestion for future article topics, please feel free to contact us and let us know!

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