Air Cocoon Technology™

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Air Cocoon Technology™ – A Protective Embrace

Air Cocoon Technology™ (A.C.T.) enhances protection by dramatically reducing the impact forces during a crash. A.C.T. utilises a layer of air held inside the entirety of the child restraint shell, offering an increased level of protection across the entire surface area of the restraint. Your child is quite literally cradled in a cocoon of air, offering a true 180 degrees of protection to your child’s vital organs.

How It’s Done

Air Cocoon Technology™ integrated child restraints start their life as an actual pillow of air. This pillow is moulded into a child restraint, retaining the pillow-like construction while adding incredible strength and structural integrity. This manufacturing process is called blow-moulding, as opposed to injection moulding, which is a single, hard layer of plastic. A good way to compare the two is to imagine a soft drink bottle (blow-moulding) to a plastic plate (injection moulding) – that is a two layer, air-filled construction, opposed to a single layer, hard construction.

ACT Blow Moulding

All A.C.T. Integrated child restraints start their life as a huge pillow of air. Here we see a Comfi Caprice being produced.


Why It’s Important

The 2010 revision of the Australian Standard introduced new performance requirements for side impact testing. The biggest change was that in order to pass the Standard, child restraints had to demonstrate the ability to not only prevent the dummy’s head from contacting the door, but to keep the dummy’s head away from the door. InfaSecure A.C.T. enabled child restraints are able to meet and exceed this requirement without any supplementary materials or devices needing to be attached. 


ACT Side Impact

A.C.T. significantly exceeds the requirements of the Australian Standard with no supplementary materials or devices.

Air Cocoon Technology™ integrated child restraints offer exceptional energy attenuation – that is they dissipate the energy produced in a car crash. Current A.C.T. integrated child restraints already reduce side impact forces to less than 50% of the requirements specified in the newly published 2013 Australian Standard, which is due to be mandated by the ACCC in early 2014. Injection moulded child restraints have no option but to attach additional air-bags, air-cushions and other ancillary materials to achieve a comparable performance to InfaSecure’s A.C.T. integrated child restraints. And, unlike most other child restraints, A.C.T. performs in this way across all locations of the child restraint, not just at the headrest. 

ACT Energy Attenuation

Energy Attenuation testing, originally developed for measuring the protective quality of bicycle / motorcycle helmets. InfaSecure played a major role in developing the energy attenuation testing methods included the 2013 revision of the Australian Standard.

The Highest Quality

Air Cocoon Technology™ child restraints designed in Australia, and are manufactured from very high grade of polypropylene, incorporating UV stabilisers for the harsh Australian environment, and is tested to the Australian Standard requirements for toxicity. Our unique design and manufacturing processes offer phenomenal structural strength and durability – so much so, we offer an industry leading Lifetime* Warranty on all of our A.C.T. integrated child restraint shells.

And the Best Part?

Because A.C.T. is integrated into the core design of our child restraints, and has been for years, if you have an InfaSecure child restraint, chances are you already have A.C.T. – no add-ons, no need to upgrade, and no extra cost. Exceptional safety technology, and it’s built right in.

ACT Integrated

No need to upgrade, nothing else to buy. If you have an InfaSecure child restraint, chances are you already have A.C.T.