3rd Party Carseat Covers

Car Seat CoversThird party, or home made carseat covers, inserts or pads should not be used on child restraints.

The standard mandates that manufacturers include the following statement in instruction manuals;

VERY IMPORTANT: Only use this child restraint with the cover supplied or a manufacturer-authorized replacement cover with identical shoulder height markers.

InfaSecure has not authorised any third party to manufacture or sell covers for our child restraints.

There are a number of safety issues associated with the use of third party or home made covers, including;

  • They rarely (if ever) feature shoulder height markers, which are critical for determining the suitability of a child restraint. Shoulder height marker placement is dictated by the standard, and varies from model to model significantly.
  • They rarely (if ever) feature warning labels or belt path indicators, which can lead to serious cases of misuse.
  • A cover that has not been specifically designed for the shape of the restraint shell can alter its performance in an accident.
  • They may not have undergone anti-flammability treatments.
  • They may not meet toxicity requirements.
  • They may not meet colour-fastness requirements.
  • Their use, which is explicitly against the manufacturer’s instructions, could have a significant impact on liability in the event of injury.

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If you require a replacement cover for your child restraint, you should contact the manufacturer and arrange an official cover, which was designed for your specific restraint. You can buy replacement InfaSecure covers online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us – we’re always happy to help!

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