A Happy Crash?

Car accidents are horrible, scary things, but it’s nice when there’s a positive outcome. Kellie, near Newcastle NSW, sent us the following email detailing her experience, highlighting the importance of using a suitable restraint, and rearward facing for as long as the child restraint allows.

I wanted to say a big thankyou to InfaSecure for keeping my daughter safe. We had a frontal collision the other day where I ran up the back of a stationery tray back ute at 40kph. Being that the ute does not have a crumple zone at the back, my car, a Nissan x-trail, absorbed pretty much all the impact.

My 9 month old daughter was with my safely buckled up rear facing in her Infa Kompressor Caprice, it was only her second trip in the caprice as I had just switched her out of the capsule. I thought the Caprice would be more comfortable and safer for a longer journey as we had just travelled from Newcastle to Penrith.

There was not so much as a bruise on her and the ambos who attended commented that because she was rear-facing they weren’t worried about hidden injuries. If she had been forward facing they would have insisted on being scheduled for an xray to check her spine. I will be replacing her seat with another of the same and getting a second for our other car without a doubt, and hope to keep her RFing as long as possible.

We’re thrilled everyone was ok, and that we were able to play a part in keeping Kellie’s daughter safe. Thanks for writing to us Kellie, and safe travels in the future!

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