Dear Everybody

Today marked the start of my 14th (13th? I’ve lost count) year at InfaSecure.

I remember my interview – I was just a kid, and it was my first proper job interview. I thought I’d stuffed it up, because I didn’t hear back for a couple of weeks – but for some reason, this small, local family business figured they’d give me a shot (thanks Mick!).

I started answering phones, filing paperwork, daydreaming (I remember planning characters for Morrowind on graph paper at my desk). I wore a suit on my first day. I did not wear a suit on my second day. I eventually moved into a sales support role. I gave one of our customers cost pricing on a product instead of their price. I didn’t know the difference between an order, an invoice or a statement.

Turns out I’m really bad at sales.

Instead of kicking me out, InfaSecure moved me into a role with more responsibility and more opportunity to sink the entire business – accounts payable. I mean, I had a cert 3 in bookkeeping from TAFE! What could go wrong!

Turns out I am really, really bad at accounting.

But again, instead of kicking me out, they moved me into another role. I’d used a computer, so naturally I’d be a great IT manager! Trying to manage the IT of a rapidly growing business is hard. But my love of digital media, social networking and talking about myself made me just perfect for marketing – so here I am today.

I think I am pretty ok at it, mostly (I did completely break the website today though, so you know).

Cheers to our wonderful retail partners who actually make it possible for me to do what I do. And cheers to the mums, dads and carers around Australia and New Zealand who entrust us to protect your children. You may not realise it, but every time you say something nice to me, about InfaSecure or our products, it really does keep me motivated and passionate about what I do, even after 14 years.

But most of all, Cheers to everyone at InfaSecure past and present who has supported and trusted me. For giving me second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth chances. For listening to me and making me feel like something important. You’ve literally changed my life, and it’s hard to think about where I would be now had you not taken a chance (or pity – I’ll take it) on that awkward 20 year old a decade and a half ago.

Thanks <3

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