How to Dispose of a Car Seat (Safely!)

When a car seat reaches the end of it’s useful life, it’s important to make sure it’s disposed of responsibly.

Expired, out of date or damaged car seats should not be passed on to family or friends, or left out for collection without first rendering them unusable.

Can Car Seats Be Recycled?

Car seats are made up of about 92% recyclable materials by weight, but unfortunately they are ineligible for normal recycling pickup. They’re too bulky, and require a large amount of disassembly before they can be recycled – so currently they end up in landfill. We’re currently in talks with a number of industry and environmental groups about a pilot program to address this, but for now, it’s the tip for your car seat.

How to Prepare a Car Seat for Disposal

You want to render it unusable. To do this, the easiest way is to;

Remove all covers and inserts

Removing Cover

Cut the harness, top tether and adjuster webbing

Cutting Straps

Cutting Buckle

Cutting Adjuster

Remove the SAI Global 5 Tick sticker, and any Date of Manufacture stickers, and if possible

SAI Global Sticker

DOM Sticker

Write prominently on the shell – ‘BROKEN – DO NOT USE’


Destroying the actual shell can be quite difficult, to the point that we would probably recommend against attempting.

If you can remove headrests, bases or other parts, you can do that too.



You should check with your local council as to whether disposing of the car seat in your collection bin is allowed (most councils do not allow them), or if you need to arrange a council curb side pickup, or trip to the tip.


By ensuring that out of date or damaged car seats are disposed of correctly, we prevent them from putting children at risk.

If you have any feedback or questions, please pop them in the comments!


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      Hey Melissa,

      Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately, we’re unaware of any updates regarding Car Seats Recycling Schemes. Your best option would be to contact Equilibrium directly, or to contact your local council for more information regarding Car Seat Recycling. Hope this help! 🙂