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We’ve been absolutely swamped with enquiries about the Evolve, Australia’s first Type G child restraint, so we thought we’d post all of the most common questions and answers here for easy access!

Everything Evolve


What is the Evolve?

The Evolve is the first Type G child restraint in Australia. A Type G child restraint is one which is designed to be used with an in-built harness from 6 months to approximately 8 years old. Previously, once children outgrew their in-built harnesses (normally around age 4 to 6), they would move into a booster seat used with the vehicle lap sash seatbelt – now, there is another, safer option.

Does it have ISOFix?

No, the new 2013 Australian Standard prohibits ISOFix on child restraints designed to seat older children. In Australia, you will only see ISOFix on child restraints designed for children up to about age 4 (Type A rearward facing and Type B forward facing child restraints, specifically). We’ll have ISOFix related announcements to make a little later!

Widths, Marker Locations, Colours?

You can find all of that info and more on the updated Evolve Product Page.

Does the Evolve rear-face?

No, the Evolve is purely a forward facing child restraint.

Does the Evolve convert into a booster seat?

No, it is used with it’s in-built harness from start to finish.

When will the Evolve be available to purchase?


Where can I buy the Evolve?

The Evolve is available in all good baby specialty stores Australia-wide.

When will Evolve be available in New Zealand?


You can read more at Babyology. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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