How to fix twisted straps (without losing your mind).

Untwist your car seat straps in seconds with this quick tip!

A flat shoulder strap spreads the load of an accident evenly across the point of contact with your child. This reduces the forces applied to their shoulders and chest.

A twisted shoulder strap concentrates those forces over a smaller area . This increases the stress applied to your child’s shoulders and chest, which can cause injury. Think about how painful a heavy plastic shopping bag can be on your hand – it’s the same kind of thing.

How to Straighten Twisted Straps

Start by unwinding as much of the twist as possible.Β If you’re left with a half twist that you can’t remove by further untwisting, use the ‘triangle trick’;

How to Minimise Strap Twisting

You can do a few things on a day to day basis to help minimise how often you have to deal with twists;

  • Fasten the harness when not in use.
  • Straighten the harness each time you use it, even if there’s only a half twist.
  • Don’tΒ let your children put on / take off their straps if they’re not ableΒ to keep them straight.

Twisted straps can be extremely frustrating, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous – so let’s do our best to keep them straight!

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  1. Tash says

    Thank you SO much. I was almost in tears and this video absolutely saved me. Can not express how great this video is.

  2. lisa moorby says

    I never have a problem with my belts. I’m always making sure they are not twisted for my kids. But do you have any tips on how to keep kids arms inside the belt. My Houdini four yr old is forever climbing out.

    • says

      Hey Lisa,

      Thanks for contacting us! Ensuring your child keep their arms inside the belt can be a difficult one, especially because there isn’t a straightforward answer. Firstly, we would always recommend making sure the harnesses aren’t twisted (like you’ve said you do) and using the Triangle Trick to untwist the straps if they are twisted. Another step is to ensure the harnesses are tight enough, but not over tight, by doing the Pinch Test (demonstrated in this video: We’ve found that if the harness is ‘over-tight’ this can cause children to be uncomfortable and therefore actively try to get out of their harness – always make sure the harness has no slack and is firmly fitted.

      Unfortunately, we don’t recommend the use of any After Market accessories such as the Houdini Clip with our restraints. The methods mentioned are above are usually all it takes to keep your children’s arms inside their belt, however, if you’re finding they are still managing to get out we would recommend keeping them occupied and ‘distracted’ from getting their arms out.

  3. Ashleigh says

    What do you do if this doesn’t work? There’s a half twist in the tether for FF and I can’t get it out no matter how much I do the triangle trick

    • Rachel says

      This article refers only to twists in the internal harness. A twist in the top tether can be normal and is of no safety concern as it is not in contact with the body.

  4. Allison Banks says

    Wow I learnt a few things after reading some of the tips & facts you have published here , we are first time grandparents & want to make sure we do all the right & safest things for our precious grandson . Been so long since we had to deal with capsules & carseats so Thankyou kindly for your informative site we appreciate every bit of input πŸ™‚

  5. says

    This is the way I untwist my straps πŸ™‚ though it’s not always as easy as it looks in the video lol
    Be patient and you’ll get it πŸ™‚

  6. Lyn Jacobs says

    Thank you! Twists like this occurred regularly with one of our seats, especially when you have a wriggler on your hands and you are just trying to get the straps out of the way while you hang on safely! Also, in Australia (not sure if it is the same elsewhere) we continue to use car seats/tethered booster until they turn 8. Then they use the normal seatbelt but even normal seatbelts can twist. By this age, they are pretty insistent that they can undo it themselves! I could never work out how he twisted it so much until one day I realised he held on to the strap as he got out of the chair. I know how dangerous twisted straps can be so I would spend ages trying to work it back flat. This way is so easy!

  7. says

    I love you eternally! Our straps get twisted and then its like a 1/2 hour of frustration to fix one, and then the other twin has her straps twisted too.

  8. leisha says

    Genius! So easy πŸ™‚ This has always been something that I’ve made hubby help with. He feeds from one side while I pull from the other. Half the time we end up snapping at each other. Never again!

  9. Mimi says

    How does it get twisted in the first place when it is so difficult to untwist? I mean, to get twisted in a way that needed to be reinserted through the buckle means it had already twisted the other way through the buckle. I used this method years ago with my kids car seat belts but it always baffled me how they twisted to start with.

  10. Angela says

    If there isn’t a half twist and you just need to untwist it you just need to start from the bottom of the strap. Pinch the strap at the bottom most part and run your finger up it while still pinching. I discovered this a while ago and it makes untwisting so much quicker and easier and it never phases me now. Maybe you could upload a video of what I have just described too as I know it made it much easier when my mum would try to strap my boys in.

  11. Kate says

    This is great if a genuine twist has occurred (which would only come from incorrect installation or an accidental triangle method occurring) but I think you need to reshoot the video because the bottom waist part of the belt is twisted (and stays twisted at the end of the video) so all the person needed to do was one more turn rather than the triangle. The visual is misleading and dangerous to anyone who thinks it’s ok to straighten the top but leave the bottom twisted. Using the triangle like this would leave the bottom permanently twisted unless you use the triangle method again in reverse

    • says

      Hey Kate! We can absolutely confirm there is no twist left in the bottom strap in this video – if there were a half twist in the bottom, as well as the top, we could have simply unwound the strap one more time to remove it πŸ™‚

      • Steph says

        Yeah Kate, I’m sorry, but InfaSecure is right – the bottom of the strap is not twisted. Maybe it was just a trick of the light on your screen?

        Thanks for posting this video – such a quick easy way to fix a potentially dangerous issue

  12. Jess says

    Arrhhh THANK YOU!!!!! I sit for ages trying to turn that one little twist back! Now i can do it in no time. Thank you so much!