Leisharn’s Story

Yesterday, Leisharn contacted us via Facebook and presented us with a truly incredible photo, and a story to go along with it.

“A couple days ago myself, my partner and 3 and a half month old daughter were involved in a serious car accident where I lost control driving on a wet road, the car hit into a dirt bank and flipped in the air and landed on its roof. Like any mother I was terrified something might have happened to my daughter during the accident.”

The damage.

The damage.

“My partner turned around to find our daughter was safe still in her car seat. No scratches, no bruises. Absolutely safe from the car seat and what a relief for me to find my daughter still in one piece. I was so pleased with your brand of car seat that I wanted to get the exact same seat, all though there was none left I got a different seat but still sticking with your brand. Thank you very much for keeping my daughter safe.”

It’s a stark reminder of the reason we do what we do, and underlines just how important it is to have a correctly fitted child restraint for your little one. We’re so very pleased that this young family are ok after such a violent accident. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Leisharn!

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