Lisa’s Story

Lisa, NSW mother of 5, contacted us this week with an amazing story and photo, and asked us to share them to highlight the importance of a correctly fitted child restraint.

“On the night of 1/7/15 @ 5.45pm my three children (16, 14 and 5) were heading home. We were laughing and exchanging stories of the day. We had indicated to turn right and stopped to give way to oncoming traffic, when I was suddenly blinded by bright lights in my revision mirror.”

“Then we were impacted – the crunching of metal, glass popping and shattering, terrified screams and than a long silence what felt like a lifetime.”

Lisa was hit by a driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel, and they were doing 80km per hour at the time of impact. Her 5 year old son was seated in the rear passenger side seat – right at the point of impact.

“The car was spun in several circles before stopping. I was terrified to turn around and see what had happened to my children, but then I heard the sweetest sound in the world – my 5yr olds voice; “What the heck mum?! That man hit us with his car!”

Lisa’s son was in an InfaSecure Vario Booster Seat.

“I turned around to see my 5yr olds face and the crushed car twisted and folded around his booster seat. I knew I had to pull him from the seat before another car came around the corner and hit us again. Terrified and not knowing if his little body was intact, I pulled him out. I frantically searched him, lifting his shirt, and blinking astonishingly. There was nothing! A slight bruise on his face and a tender tummy! We all escaped with bumps and bruises and my fractured shoulder.”

“We look at the horrific photos of the car and are surprised he’s alive.”

“People say he had a guardian angel looking out for him that night, I think InfaSecure was my son’s guardian angel and that booster seat is the only reason I have my son today! The seat flexed and moulded in exactly the right places and saved his life – I can’t thank InfaSecure enough for the life saving (and life changing) car seats they have designed.”

While we’re very humbled, we think Lisa’s son’s guardian angel was his Mum. Lisa had her son in an up to date, age and size appropriate child restraint, ensuring he had the level of protection he needed, and ultimately saved his life. Child car safety is a partnership between manufacturers and parents, and when we both do everything we can, our little ones are kept safe. Well done Lisa!

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