Thank you!

Tom asked if he could write a personal thank you to everybody for the last 6 weeks, and we figured that was probably ok…

Tuesday marked the end of Dance, Dance! The Wiggles Big Show – The Wiggles’ 20 show, 8 city, 6 week national arena tour. We were lucky to be invited along for the ride, and I was doubly lucky enough to be at every single show, meeting tens of thousands of families along the way.

So, while I get to be the public face of InfaSecure when we’re on tour, there’s simply no way I could do any of this without the help and support of a huge number of people.

This is a very small gesture of thanks to them (that doesn’t get anywhere near close to enough).

To the InfaSecure Team

The InfaSecure team, obviously, play an enormous role in our Big Show experience. Whether on the floor at the shows, or back at HQ supporting us, we simply couldn’t do this without everyone’s help. The Management Team entrust this enormous thing to me, and team members from every department, in every state touched it in one crucial way or another. It’s difficult to really convey just how thankful and proud of everyone I am.

Team QLD

Team QLD at the Brisbane show!

The Big Red Car Seat, a working, 150% scale replica Grandeur, was something we wanted to do for a long time. It would form the central pillar in our Big Show activity, so there was a lot riding on it, and it was the source of much personal stress and anxiety for months. It wasn’t until Joel & Derek in our product team took the reigns that it really looked like it would be possible. When it actually arrived at our office, it was… emotional.

The response was huge, with over 8000 people having their photo taken in the Big Red Car Seat across 8 cities!

But the thing I like most about the tour is getting to spend some time with my co-workers and getting to know them better outside of the office. I’m lucky to work with such a talented, passionate team, and after this tour I can call a number of you real friends (even if you are huge dorks). Thank you.

Thumbs up from Perth!

A huge dork.

To The Wiggles

But there’s also another group of people whom make all of this possible, and that is of course The Wiggles. The cast and crew of The Wiggles have been so extremely supportive, warm and inclusive that it makes what should be a very stressful time almost completely carefree. I really can’t thank the entire Wiggles team enough – every day I learn something new and become more and more comfortable in my own role, because I get to work with and adjacent to this amazing group of people.

The Wiggles in The Big Red Car!
Beautiful Ballet!
Dance, Dance!
Shimmy up high!
Wags, Dorothy, Henry and Captain Feathersword having a dance!
Twinkle twinkle!
Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy
Ready to dance an Irish Jig!

In particular, Kimberley and Luke, who work so incredibly hard behind the scenes to make the entire Big Show what it is, both went over and above to make sure we had an easy, successful, and downright fun time. Despite my often complete cluelessness and the occasional speed bump, they made the InfaSecure team and I truly feel like a part of their team. Thank you.

To the Community

And then there is our wonderful community. Whether you came and introduced yourself at a show, made it to a meet up, or followed along on social media – you folks make all of this as special as it was. To all of our retail partners who made it to a show, or who invited me to visit your stores when I was in town – thank you. You’re the lifeblood of our business and will continue to be so far into the future.

These people rule!

And to all of the new friends I made, the old friends I reconnected with, and those I got to share a meal (and occasional cocktail!) with – thank you for making my time on the road as fun and exciting as it was. Being away from our families can be quite emotionally draining, but you all played a part in keeping the team and I positive, motivated and focussed. Thank you.

And to one other person…

And finally, an extra special, genuine and heartfelt thank you to my wife, Georgia, who held the fort at home with 4 boys on her own while I was gallivanting around Australia for 6 weeks. We spent our wedding anniversary on opposite sides of the country, I missed Christmas parties, birthday parties, our youngest son learning to crawl and sit up – but through it all she held everything together and enabled me do this crazy thing. I promise you it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you, Georgia <3

I have a great wife and a bunch of kids.

So there we are. Everyone mentioned above makes it look like I’ve somehow got it together, but in reality I depend upon them all just to keep upright though all of this. We’re finished for another year, but we’re already in planning mode for next year –  and I promise you we’ll be back even bigger and better than before.

I can’t wait to see you all again.

Thank you, everybody.



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