Quality Policy

InfaSecure is a highly respected designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of quality goods to the Infants and Children’s Product Market throughout Australia and New Zealand. The foremost sector of the business is in the Vehicle – Child Restraint Industry, where we have enjoyed being one of the leading companies for several years. We seek to go far beyond simply satisfying the stringent requirements of the applicable Australian Standards that govern the safety features of our products, by employing every means available to make the parenting experience a more comfortable and enjoyable one.

As a company, we have proved to be, and intend to remain, fully competitive in terms of price and delivery, and collectively nurture the goal to be superior in every aspect of quality, to all other providers of baby products.

Our operational Business Management System, founded on the SAI Global StandardsMark Product Compliance Program (PCP), ensures the maintenance of mandatory compliance to AS/NZS1754:2013 for Child Restraint Systems. The ‘Business System Manual’ integrates company objectives, and defines our management system, through containing details of the organisation, our processes and procedures. It is therefore the framework for the active involvement of all personnel, in the implementation of our resolve to preserve and cherish the benefits of our Organisation, our Mission, and our Policy.

The implementation of ISO9001:2015, along with the creation and maintenance of this Quality Policy, is intended to keep our focus on the Quality Objectives that we have committed ourselves to. We are dedicated to complying with all statutory & regulatory requirements that govern the industry.

Our key objective at InfaSecure is to maintain a united and motivated team of qualified and dedicated personnel throughout the entire business, to facilitate the continual improvement of quality products and services. In order to sustain a high level of accountability, strict personal discipline is promoted and adhered to. It is our belief that these measures result in professional conduct, such as, suitable deportment and dress, respectful relationships, and also generates unparalleled individual and team efficiency.

Extensive research and development procedures ensure that our products are designed and manufactured in accord with consumer needs and expectations, and are well-suited for their intended purpose. This achievement is enhanced through the active engagement of both professional and consumer representation, and several avenues of interactive media. Customers’ recommendations are sought after by our sales team, and implemented through our design and research personnel. By this means customer and consumer requirements are identified, and understood, so that the best and most appropriate long-term solutions are gained.

This process is supported by InfaSecure’s commitment to investing in the systems and procedures that embrace both quality assurance, and continued improvement of these solutions. The expenditure relating to the continual monitoring, measuring, batch testing, and controlling of the entire Quality Management System, is esteemed as an investment that will yield dividends in public respect, and trust for InfaSecure as an industry leader & ideal.

The Management of InfaSecure recognises and is fully supportive of ensuring the company complies with both AS/NZS1754:2013 & ISO 9001:2015 and embraces the principles of these standards to assist in achieving these goals. Quality Assurance is revered as a benchmark that instills lasting confidence in our brand, throughout our ranks and amongst our customers. It ultimately inspires continuous forward planning in the relentless pursuit of excellence.