Priority Customer Program Terms & Conditions

1. Membership

All Priority Customer Program offers and privilege’s listed below only apply while the registered Premium &
Signature product remains in the possession of the registered owner.

2. InfaSecure reserves the right to remove all program offers and privilege’s once the product is returned to
store, destroyed or on-sold. Please notify InfaSecure via email to if the product is
involved in an accident, and/or it has been destroyed, or you have chosen to on-sell your product. InfaSecure
reserves the right to keep track of ownership via the usage of the restraints individual serial number.

3. Program offers and privileges only apply to the original owner and are not transferable.

4. To be allocated Priority Customer Program membership, a valid product registration form must be submitted
and approved by a Customer Care agent. Please ensure that after submitting your Product Registration form,
you receive an automatic response from ‘InfaSecure <>’ that contains confirmation of
your registration submission and a reference number. If this is not received within 15mins, please check your
Junk/Spam folder and resubmit if necessary. A Customer Care agent will then email you within 2 business
days confirming that your Product Registration is complete. If your submission is incomplete, a request for
further information will be sent and the following offers and privileges will not be applied until the
registration has been validated.

5. Priority Customer Response Times

a. InfaSecure’s Customer Care Team will respond to all digital enquiries within 2 hours of the received
time digitally stamped on the request ticket.

i. Digital enquiries mean contact received via; Email, Website Support Submissions, Contact Us
Forms and/or Facebook. You must arrange for your Facebook account to be linked to your
Priority Customer Profile to activate this option (no activation until link is arranged).

b. The above statement is only applicable within business hours and excludes any contact submitted
outside of InfaSecure’s business hours, weekends, public holidays or InfaSecure’s Holiday Closure

i. Business Hours are Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4pm

c. Any contact submitted outside of InfaSecure’s business hours or within 15mins before close of
business, will be treated as if it was received at the start of the next applicable business day.

i. Example for Monday to Thursday, any contact submitted after 4.45pm will be treated as
being received at 9am the following day.

ii. Example for any contact from Friday 3.45pm through to 8.59am Monday morning, will be
taken as being received at 9am Monday morning.

d. Priority Customer Response Time currently does not apply to incoming phone calls, this is due to be
implemented by the end of 2018.

6. Lifetime Usage Hints and Timed Updates Email Subscription

a. By registering your product, you are agreeing to subscribe to InfaSecure sending timed emails
throughout the life of the product.

i. This email chain can be cancelled at any time by requesting to unsubscribe at the bottom of
anyone of these timed emails

b. Email content will be restricted but not limited to updates, hints and clues relating to the usage of
your product, at intervals within its lifetime.

7. Lifetime Discounts

a. Priority Customer Program members are provided with a special code that gives them access to a
20% discount from all purchases within InfaSecure’s ‘Online Customer Service Store’.

i. Applicable only for use at

b. By registering your Premium/Signature product you are giving InfaSecure permission to create an
account for you at the Online Customer Service Store. This registration will enable the allocation of
your discount code.

i. An InfaSecure Customer Care agent will forward your discount code, login and password, via
email, at the time of your product registration. You may also receive an email from the retail
store confirming the account creation.

ii. Your allocated password can be changed at any time by logging in at then clicking ‘My Account’, ‘Change my account
password’. You can also request a password reset by emailing

c. The discount code is strictly for the use of Priority Customer Program members only, and must not
be provided to any other members of the public for any reason.

d. InfaSecure reserves the right to revoke a member’s discount code if deemed to be used
inappropriately, abused or shared publicly.

e. The Lifetime discount code only applies to your membership while the restraint remains in your
possession, once InfaSecure becomes aware that the product is no longer owned by you, the code
will be removed.

8. Extended Warranty

a. For the extended warranty periods listed below, the products warranty must be registered prior to
expiry of the standard warranty period.

b. InfaSecure reserves the right to refuse the Extended Warranty application if the product is not
registered prior to the standard warranty’s expiry.

c. InfaSecure will apply an extra 2 years to the standard Fabric warranty for the registered product,
taking your Fabric Warranty from 1 year to 3 years

d. InfaSecure will apply an extra 1 year to the standard Webbing warranty for the registered product,
taking your Webbing Warranty from 2 years to 3 years

e. InfaSecure will apply an extra 1 year to the standard Hardware warranty for the registered product,
taking your Hardware Warranty from 5 years to 6 years

f. For more information regarding standard warranty please see our Warranty Information Policy

g. Exclusions listed within the standard warranty still apply.

h. Warranty periods apply from the date of purchase as listed on the receipt provided at the time of

i. Extended Warranty will not be applied from the date of registration, but rather retroactively applied,
and taken from the date of purchase as listed on the receipt.